These Are Our Core Operating Values These Are Our Core Operating Values

These Are Our Core Operating Values

Core values generally fit into two categories: 1) there are mission-driven values that proclaim why a company exists and the core beliefs that drive massive transformation within our society. 2 ) there are internal operating core values that drive our day-to-day way of being.

As our team at Hacker Lab has grown to over a dozen employees, we have found it increasingly important to work on our core operating values.  How do we want to be on a daily basis? What beliefs do we hold that plant the seed for healthy, fruitful behavior? Outside of our business goals, what type of conversation are we creating inside our own mind, meetings, and Google Hangouts?

Our core operating values drive the answers to these questions. In the rapidly changing and uncertain world we live in it is these values that we lean on to drive excellence both individually and as an organization.  With that, we came up with the following set of core operating values.

Open mindedness - be open to new possibilities, new discoveries, new perspectives.  Being open minded means letting go of our impulse "right answer" and listening for the new insights and possibilities that can help us lead to the best solution.

Perspective - be aware that we are all wired uniquely.  We come from diverse backgrounds and have unique points of view and ways of operating.  

Teamwork - understanding perspective helps us work as a team.  Knowing that we all have unique behaviors, super powers, and quirks allows us to think strategically to reach our goals.

Communication - be impeccable with your words.

Honesty - Being brutally honest with ourselves and those around us in all situations will provide a solid foundation for growth.  It will help us identify pain points and improve our strategic planning.

Pain + Reflection = Progress -  Problems are opportunities for improvement.  The bigger the better. Observe them, analyze them, and implement solutions to drive your mission forward.

Diligence - This is a way of life.  This is not a sprint. We are doing important work and it takes time.  Show up every day with an open mind and eagerness to push our projects to the next level.

Empathize - We are designers in every aspect our work: communication, strategic planning, and implementation. Our ability to design based on our understanding of those involved will determine our success.

80/20 Rule -  Getting to "good enough" is often easy. But going that final 20% to perfect can cost a tremendous amount of time and money.  We need to be aware of this and be strategic about what we are trying to achieve, to what level of perfection, and within what timeframe.

“Let the Score Take Care of Itself” - The world is unpredictable.  Anything can happen. We can only act on what can be acted on.  All we can do is hold ourselves to high standards and let the rest unfold.

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