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Build Your Dreams

Pathways Scholarship

Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Pathways Scholarship - Fall-Winter 2020-2021

The Pathways Scholarship program is designed to help you learn skills, access tools, and gain mentorship within Hacker Lab's diverse community. Build skills towords a job, start your own business, or explore your options.

Who Qualifies?

This program is built to help individuals with goals of starting their own business, or are looking for new career/education opportunities and who don't otherwise have the resources to reach them.

With the support of our amazing sponsors, this scholarship was created to support individuals that would otherwise not be able to afford Hacker Lab's monthly membership costs, but who would benefit from access to the Hacker Lab community & resources.

Qualification Criteria: Scholarships grantees will be selected based off of the following criteria.

  1. Applicant must live within the Sacramento region.
  2. Applicant aspires to work in a new field, further their educational experience, or start a business.
  3. Applicant earns less than $32,523 annually and can not otherwise afford Hacker Lab month membership.
  4. Applicant is age 18 years or older.
  5. Applicant agrees to report progress to their goals and actively attend bi-weekly or monthly checkins.
  6. Applicant agrees to the Hacker Lab membership agreement, terms, & conditions.
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Scholarship Benefits

8 months - all access membership

Hacker Lab offers a community driven makerspace and coworking space - designed for do-it-your-selfers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

This 24/7 workspace is designed to work with you - on your time.

Soooo Many Classes - Learn Something New

Hacker Lab offers over a dozens of classes each month.

Sign-up for something new - think welding, jewelry making, or web design, and electronics - we have classes for everyone.

Access to an insane amount of equipment

We've got over 5,000 square feet of tools in Midtown's makerspace. Choose from the laser cutter, woodshop, metalshop, jewelry studio, photography studio, silk screen printing, 3D printers, and so much more.

not an exaggeration - there's a lot more.

Our Goals - Why We're Doing This

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Hacker Lab's goal is to strengthen the Sacramento Region's workforce and economic sustainability by focusing on the individual. Through the Pathways Scholarship Program, we're able to reach more individuals and support their efforts in creating new jobs, new businesses, and new dreams.

Launched in early 2018, through the support of the City of Sacramento RAILS Grant and other partners, Hacker Lab is excited to offer up to 100 scholarships for our second 2020 cohort!

Want in on this? - Apply now!