Sacramento Hacker Lab is on the MOVE - Details in Blog Sacramento Hacker Lab is on the MOVE - Details in Blog

Hello Makers!

We could not be more thrilled than to announce that we have secured a new long-term home for our Sacramento location.  This is a huge move for us, as we have been working hard for nearly two years to secure a long term, sustainable home for our Sacramento location.  We are extremely humbled by the level of support we have received from you. Thank you for believing in us.

We’ve enjoyed a good run at our old space. Our I Street location in the beginning was founded, funded and built out by our community. We are very grateful to have collaboratively and organically grown into what Hacker Lab is today. With this move, we hope to further that community spirit.

If you are interested in helping us move we would GREATLY appreciate your support.  Please fill out this volunteer availability form and we will contact you with available opportunities.  LINK TO FORM HERE

Starting the week of February 12th, we will begin moving our operation to 2533 R st.  Key changes for Hacker Lab, Sacramento 2019 include:

  • Expanding facility size by over 50% (from 10,000 sq ft. to 15,000 sq. ft)
  • Upgraded maker space with better conditioned rooms for laser cutters
  • Upgraded coworking space, event space, meeting rooms, and gallery space
  • New retail area for local makers (rentable shelves and full displays with retail hours)
  • Offering limited time moving specials for new members (
  • More parking ( about 20 spots alongside the light rail )
  • More maker studio cages and private desks available for rent
  • Awesome team packages for startups and larger teams.

In effort to minimize downtime of the maker space during the move we have decided it is in the best interest of the members to push the move dates back a couple weeks.

The 1715 I st location will be in operation until Feb 12th.

Our new dates for the move are as follows:

  • February 12th - Shut down coworking and maker space at “I” st
  • February 14th - Reopen coworking only at R st location
  • February 22nd - Most of the maker space will be operational at R st location

This new plan will create a smoother transition for the move.  We believe that most tool areas will be back up and operational by the 22nd.

Office holders at the new R st location can move in immediately.

We will be working hard to get all of the tools back up and running as soon as possible.  We are prioritizing high traffic tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers, shopbot, woodshop, metal shop and the jewelry studio. If you are in need of tools during the move, we ask that you utilize our Rocklin and Rancho Cordova facilities while we work to reinstate our midtown maker space.

If you have questions about logistics please reach out to [email protected] or ask the front desk staff.


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