The Great Purple Bike - Why I am a Re-Maker The Great Purple Bike - Why I am a Re-Maker
I make things out of salvaged items. There is something about making something out of nothing - a common story for us in the maker movement. 
This is the story of my funky new wingback chair and why I call myself an artist Re-Maker. It is a creed of mine that has been woven into my being since I was a small child.
I recently found a free antique, wingback chair and ottoman. It was pretty ripped up and damaged by cat clawing. Evil kitties! The leg was also unstable. So I patched it up and re-stuffed the spots that sagged. Then we fixed the leg with Gorilla Glue because we were out of duct tape.  Voila! I have a new funky and very comfy chair for my bedroom. 
My love for re-making started with a majestic purple bike. When I was 6 years old my father gained custody of me and because he missed so much of my earlier childhood he tried to make up lost time. He took me fishing, I was put into dance classes, we had grand birthday parties, I was in swimming lessons and I even was baptized.
One day, he asked me if I knew how to ride a bike. To his surprise, I said, “No.”
My dad was all “Well, I guess we need to get you a bike.” I was so excited! As much as any 6 year old who is about to get a brand new bike.
The next day my dad showed up with a bike. My smile and excitement was brought to a frown. He was walking up the driveway carrying this rusted, dirty, old, no-tire having, beat-up junky bike. I quickly went into 6-year old mode. My dad — of course — was not having any of it.
He firmly explained it was going to be awesome. I just needed patience and a little imagination.
A few days went by. I watched dad working in the garage on the bike. I refused to go in and see that tattered old bike. I was on strike!
About a week later my dad came to me and said it was ready. He came out of the garage with his silhouette in the light coming from the garage looking like a superhero. In tote he had the most majestic bike that any 6 year old girl would dream of. It was metallic Crush Soda purple with a big white sparkly banana seat, whitewall tires, a beautiful flag, a cool horn, and he even put cards in the tires. It was magnificent.
My dad looked at me and said “Are you ready to ride?” I never rode a bike before. Just my awesome Big Wheel and Green Machine. We went out front for my first lesson with my majestic bike.
My Dad looked right at me and said “Don’t be scared” I said proudly “I am not”
He tried a few times and I wasn’t getting it. He kept saying “Don’t be scared”
“Just go!’
Then all of the sudden I was going! I was riding. He let me go and I went. I actually rode away from my dad and around the block. The feeling of joy and freedom I had, I remember well. 
It was amazing. When I came around the corner I saw my dad waiting for me. He was standing in the dusk of the sunlight and he had the most memorable look on his face. He was so proud and his smile said it all. 
This is one the most epic moment of my childhood and why I am a Maker. 
Why I am passionate about making something out of nothing. 
Thank you, Dad, for that life long lesson and for my Re-Maker way of being. 

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