Sacramento Startup Bootcamp Beginning Next Month Sacramento Startup Bootcamp Beginning Next Month

Applications are being accepted until September 24th at

Earlier this year on May 10th, 2018 in Sacramento, CA, Entrepreneurs pitched their new Startups to an audience of investors and founders.  32 students enrolled in an 8-week bootcamp designed for new Entrepreneurs. Students learned to identify customer problems, customer types, viable solutions, and how to begin growing their customer bases before launching a new business.

The course is modelled after Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad and is typical of an Entrepreneurship Course that one might find in Silicon Valley.  This fall’s cohort will be the 7th time that Startup Hustle has run in Sacramento.

In the 3 years that its run, the program has helped over 150 entrepreneurs.  “Our alumnae have reported over $1M in either revenues or raised funds since they started,” says Casas-Murray.  “It’s a great way to meet other entrepreneurs, and it’s a proven way to make sure you’ve got customers before you sink a whole bunch of time and money into a product or service.”

When asked about how the program was developed, Casas-Murray said, “Well, true to lean fashion, we’ve tweaked the curriculum several times. After each class, we notice where entrepreneurs run into challenges, and we fix that.  Every time that happens, we get closer to a process that works for everyone but that is specific enough so there are tools and checklists that produce results.”

Startup Hustle is for entrepreneurs that want to start a business and are looking to get it underway.  It consists of a series of workshops, exercises, and mentor sessions where entrepreneurs can learn and practice with like-minded peers.

The course’s website shows that Entrepreneurs can expect to learn how customers experience problems, how to look for evidence that customers for the business exist, 19 ways to build traction, and how to pitch their business once they’ve solidified their concept.

Startup Hustle begins on Thursday, September 27th 2018.  Applications are being accepted until September 24th, 2018.   

For more information on this bootcamp, visit  To apply for Startup Hustle and view the curriculum, visit

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