AI - Student Success Story: ErgoPal AI - Student Success Story: ErgoPal

Chris joined our our AI bootcamp as an HR specialist, teamed up with a coder, and together designed and built a rapid prototype of an AI appliation. Ergopal tracks your posture and helps you be healthier!

Ergo Pal is a mindfulneess app that tracks your posture and let's you know when your posture is slipping.

Check it out!

Hacker Lab is all about prototyping - 3d printing, robotics, entrepreneurship, rapid design and iteration, and design thinking. Join us to learn learn, make, and succeed.

In our AI bootcamp you'll get hands-on experience with AI design, programming, and prototyping.

You'll learn:

  • Learn about state of the art cloud ai services
  • Use Adobe products to design smart characters
  • Leverage Open source smart hardware to online ai api's to create smart experiences
  • Get and introduction to Javascript and other programming languages
  • Rapid prototyping and testing

Upcoming Class Dates/Times:

  • Fri, Feb 16, from 9am – 5pm
  • Sat, Feb 17 from 10am – 3pm
  • Sat, Feb 24th, from 2-4pm

Learn more and sign up here!

Feel free to call us or email with questions!  916.514.7044  or [email protected]


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