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Check out our January classes below and don't forget about our Holiday specials - give creativity to yourself or a loved one!  Classes are open to the public but members get huge discounts - only $15 for standard classes and 50% off on bootcamps and extended project classes.

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3D Printing        
SAC-100: Intro to 3D Printing & Prototyping    01-04-2018
SAC-100: Intro to 3D Printing & Prototyping    01-11-2018
ROC-100: Intro to 3D Printing & Prototyping    01-10-2018
ROC-200: Intro to Formlabs 3D Resin Printer    01-17-2018
ROC-100: Intro to 3D Printing & Prototyping    01-24-2018
SAC-Meetups: Art Chats with Resident Artists    01-27-2018
SAC-Bootcamp: Roblox Games Programming for Kids    01-10-2018
SAC-Bootcamp: Become a Pro Web Developer    01-15-2018
SAC-Bootcamp: Javascript Bootcamp    01-16-2018
SAC-Bootcamp: Intro to Programming    01-16-2018
SAC-Bootcamp: Making Furniture on ShopBot    01-22-2018
SAC-Bootcamp: 3D Printers to Design + Prototype Products    01-22-2018
ROC-Bootcamp: C++ Bootcamp    01-16-2018
ROC-Bootcamp: IPC Training - IPC-A-610 Electronics Assemblies    01-22-2018
SAC-100: Creating Your Startup's Digital Footprint    01-30-2018
ROC-100: Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies - 01-04-2018
SAC-100: Bitcoin and Crypto  Currencies - 01-12-2018
ROC-100: Get Free Help With Your Business    01-02-2018
ROC-201: Hack Your Brand (Before Somebody Else Does)    01-17-2018
ROC-100: SEO and Social Media for Business    01-18-2018
SAC-100: Newbies! Online Marketing & Basics - 01-17-2018
ROC-100: Newbies! Online Marketing & Basics - 01-10-2018

SAC-100: Intro to Shopbot    01-05-2018
SAC-100: Intro to Shopbot    01-19-2018
ROC-100: Intro to ShopBot    01-09-2018
SAC-Bootcamp: Making Furniture on ShopBot    01-22-2018
ROC-300: Fusion 360 Project Class with Shopbot    01-17-2018
ROC-100: Intro to ShopBot    01-23-2018
SAC-101: Design for Laser & Vinyl Cutting    01-18-2018
ROC-101: Design for Laser & Vinyl Cutting    01-14-2018
SAC-100: Intro to Soldering    01-06-2018
ROC-210: Intro to MOSFET and Relays    01-08-2018
ROC-101: Intro to Electronics & Electricity    01-11-2018
ROC-102: Intro to Basic Soldering & Circuits    01-18-2018
ROC-Meetup: HAM Use & Emergency Preparedness    01-11-2018
SAC-301: Chain Making(Sampler Necklace)    01-06-2018
SAC-101: Intro to Unisex Jewelry Fabrication & Metalwork    01-04-2018
SAC-102: Intro to Soldering for Jewelry    01-18-2018
SAC-302: Simply Bezeled (Bezel Pendant)    01-20-2018
SAC-103: Intermediate Soldering for Jewelry    01-25-2018
ROC-200: Pierced Metal Jewelry Fabrication    01-20-2018
SAC-100: Kids! MINECRAFT Meetup!    01-27-2018
ROC-100: Kids! MINECRAFT Meetup!    01-13-2018
SAC-100: Make Video Games - 1-14-2018
ROC-100: Make Video Games - 1-27-2018
SAC-Kids: Learn to Code Javascript in Minecraft - 1-28-2018 
ROC-Kids: Learn to Code Javascript in Minecraft, 1-13-2018 
Laser Cutter       
SAC-102: Intro to Laser Cutting    01-08-2018
SAC-201: Advanced Laser Cutting, Make a Kerf-cut Box    01-19-2018
SAC-102: Intro to Laser Cutting    01-22-2018
SAC-102: Intro to the Vinyl Cutter    01-23-2018
ROC-102: Intro to Laser Cutting    01-07-2018
ROC-101: Intro to Laser Cutting    01-21-2018
ROC-300: Making 3D Art with the Laser Cutter    01-19-2018
ROC-200: Laser Cutting Project -- Engrave a Portrait    01-22-2018
SAC-Meetup: Code 4 Sac    01-10-2018
SAC-Meetup: Toastmasters    01-09-2018
SAC-Meetup: Sac Interactive Meetup    01-17-2018
SAC-Meetups: Sacramento Ruby Meetup    01-18-2018
SAC-Meetup: Toastmasters    01-23-2018
SAC-Meetup: Code Slingers    01-24-2018
ROC-Meetup: Rich Dad - Poor Dad Game Night    01-19-2018
ROC-Meetup: Electronics Techie Night Meetup    01-24-2018
ROC-Meetup: Gamers in the Burbs    01-27-2018
SAC-WIDS: Women in Data Science Meetup - 1/16/2018, 
SAC-Meetup: Member Meet 'n Greet Potluck    01-25-2018
ROC-100: Hacker Lab New Member Orientation    01-02-2018
ROC-100: Hacker Lab New Member Orientation    01-09-2018
ROC-100: New Member Orientation    01-16-2018
ROC-100: New Member Orientation    01-23-2018
ROC-100: Hacker Lab New Member Orientation    01-30-2018
SAC-100: Intro to Metal Shop    01-02-2018
SAC-100: Intro to Metal Shop    01-16-2018
ROC-100: Intro to Metal Shop    01-04-2018
Photo Studio/Darkroom        
SAC-100: Studio Photography & Lighting    01-04-2018
SAC-100: Black and White Film Developing    01-13-2018
SAC-201: High Speed Photography    01-25-2018
SAC-100: Learn to Silkscreen    01-27-2018

SAC: Vinyassa-style Yoga - 01-09-2018
SAC: Vinyassa-style Yoga - 01-16-2018
SAC: Vinyassa-style Yoga - 01-23-2018
SAC: Vinyassa-style Yoga - 01-30-2018

ROC-101: Basic Sewing 101    01-09-2018
ROC-101: Industrial Sewing Intro to Straight Stitch Machine    01-16-2018
ROC-301: Sewing Costumes, Props & Costume Design    01-20-2018
ROC-102: Industrial Sewing Intro to Overlock (Serger)    01-23-2018
ROC-204: Industrial Sewing Project, Upholstery for Couches    01-27-2018
SAC-100: Intro to TIG Welding    01-09-2018
SAC-200: Intermediate TIG Welding    01-09-2018
SAC-100: Intro to MIG Welding    01-23-2018
SAC-200: Intro to MIG with Project    01-23-2018
ROC-100: Intro to Oxy-Acetylene Welding    01-13-2018
ROC-100: Intro to MIG Welding with Project    01-13-2018
ROC-100: Intro to MIG Welding with Project    01-27-2018
ROC-100: Intro to TIG Welding    01-27-2018
SAC-100: Intro to Scroll Saw Basics    01-04-2018
SAC-101: Intro to Woodshop, Part 1    01-13-2018
SAC-103: Intro to Using the Wood Lathe    01-16-2018
SAC-102: Intro to Woodshop, Part 2    01-20-2018
ROC-201: Woodshop Project With a Master    01-03-2018
ROC-100: Intro to Woodshop    01-09-2018
ROC-100: Intro to Woodshop    01-23-2018

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