Makers sell BIG at Hacker Lab's first holiday bazaar (Pics: Part 1) Makers sell BIG at Hacker Lab's first holiday bazaar (Pics: Part 1)

It was Oscar Briones’s first time selling the deeply colorful wooden charcuterie boards he had spent so many hours as a hobby before. A steady stream of attendees meant he sold all of the boards he brought — over 20..

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

“This is my first time doing this. We’ve sold over half our inventory,” Briones said smiling. His business, OB Woodworks, was one of the over 20 woodworkers, crystal jewelers, leather makers and sellers at Hacker Lab’s first holiday bazaar.

The event was a fee-free thank you to Hacker Lab’s creatives and entrepreneurial members, who stuck through a move and a wildly exciting year at Hacker Lab. Live music, cocoa and Sacramento’s best elves made gifts that brought over a hundred attendees. Photos were taken by Nuron Newsome.

“I sold like half my inventory. People are even going for my leather bandanas,” said Carlin Skinner of Bohemian Bike Club, which specializes in handcrafted leather goods like wallets. The bandanas were a special line of production. He also sold wallets and bracelets, and held a mini demonstration showing how he stamps and weaves knots intricately in leather.

Hacker Lab's first holiday bazaar

Many of the vendors had participated in Eric Phillips’s Makers Gonna Make meetup, which meets on the first Tuesday of every month at Hacker Lab and offers a supportive environment for making in the capitol city. Coordinator of that group Eric Phillips was already planning a Valentine’s Day bazaar in February, workshopping the day while selling coasters. “We’ve got to bring wine or something next time,” he noted.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

The Don’t Disappoint Your Mother, Last-Chance Holiday Bazaar was Hacker Lab’s first annual holiday bazaar. Christina Granados, Hacker Lab’s front desk lead, was happy about the turnout.

“A lot of these people are first time vendors; they’re super happy. They can workshop off what they learned today in Makers Gonna make,” she said while working the front desk booth and selling her own paintings and art. “This was our most well attended vendor event.”

Linda Michelle Hardy was a Hacker Lab Pathways scholarship recipient, earning the membership to work on her ceramics, which she was selling in droves at the event.

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

“These kids came up and said, ‘My mom said your things are too expensive.’ I laughed and someone bought it an hour later,” she said looking at her intricate ceramic trays. “I just think they’re pretty.”

Marlisa Anderson, a local artist, owner of The Art Company and something like a resident grandma of Hacker Lab, presided over her wooden houses made from popsicle sticks reminiscent of Midtown Victorians.

“They’re made from over 300 pieces,” Anderson said, pointing to her handmade homes. “My son bought me a wooden one. I said, ‘I can make one out of popsicle sticks!” she said, her face lighting up. “I’m enjoying myself. People are amazed by them.”

Thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible: 

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

  • Artists of Sacramento’s Laura Anthony for sponsoring the event with marketing and promotion (and cocoa!); 

  • Coday Anthony for his live holiday music; 

  • The Sacramento Natural Foods Coop for cross-promotion; 

  • Eric Phillips for organizing and marketing and to the awesome Makers Gonna Make crew;

  • Nuron Newsome for capturing the event in photos and video;
  • and Hacker Lab’s team for making the train run on time.

A big special thank you to all of our attendees for supporting local makers and their families this holiday season. Stay tuned for more! Your support makes events like this possible. Start 2020 today and consider one of our holiday specials!

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

Sacramento City College and Hacker Lab

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