Makers Mart returns: Bigger and perfect for the holidays Makers Mart returns: Bigger and perfect for the holidays

It will be Sadie Dunaway’s first time bringing her framed dried-flower artistry down from her apartment at the Warehouse Artists Lofts.

Dunaway’s debut showing marks one of over 60 vendors showing at Makers Mart, a local institution of a craft fair on Dec. 7 celebrating 10 years since its founding. Joining her will be a host of makers, soap pourers, apothecary owners, handbag designers and wood workers.

Makers Mart and Hacker Lab

They include: Bitte, a local family that does organic children’s boutique and will open a brick-and-mortar in 2020; Elysian Theory, an up-and-coming jewelry maker from Davis; Rare Birds Stereo, bluetooth speakers made from repurposed suitcases and tool boxes; and Newton Booth Builds, who makes cool cutting boards and wooden bottle openers.

The collection of craftspeople will showcase Sacramento’s best maker goods in an old produce building two Saturday from now, The Mill at Broadway — featuring a lounge designed by Design Alchemy; beverages from Burly Beverages; coffee from Milka Coffee Roasters; Masa Food Truck and Conscious Creamery’s vegan gelato and Floral installs by Oak and Ash.

Makers Mart and Hacker Lab

Makers Mart is on Saturday, Dec. 7th from 11 – 5 p.m. at The Mill on Broadway. RSVP for their event on Eventbrite, Facebook or follow their Instagram.

“Makers Mart allows artists and others in our community to meet face-to-face. I’m thrilled to be part of it this year! It feels like one big family event,” Dunaway said. “I find so much inspiration in finding fresh purpose for things that would be discarded. I ended up combining this with my other love, nature, and was quickly inspired with the framing and preserving of flowers.”

Makers Mart and Hacker Lab

Makers from Hacker Lab will join in a booth of their own, courtesy of a sponsorship.

“We always strive to provide and feature up and coming, smaller companies either people don’t know about or are new to the scene; or people who have been around with a strong brand and following,” said Beth Pellegrini, curator of the market. “The buzz is all about introducing Sacramento to makers; for many, this may be their debut show.”

Makers Mart began in 2009 when founder and owner of Old Gold Trisha Rhomberg wanted to do an annual market. It succeeded for several years until it faded, until 2015 when Rhomberg met Pellegrini, a Folsom native who worked in fashion for 11 years before moving back to Los Angeles and later, Sacramento.

“There were a lot of beautifully curated and elevated craft fairs in Los Angeles,” Pellegrini said. “I was really inspired. So she said, what if we relaunched and I bring you on as curator?”

Makers Mart and Hacker Lab

The relaunch of Makers Mart started at the R Street block party in October, 2015 with a row of 30-30 makers. Now the fair is up to 67 makers.

“It was very well received by attendees and the makers themselves; we hadn’t had a place to feature these amazing makers and brands, so thought we’d keep doing it,” Pellegrini said.

Makers Mart and Hacker Lab

This is the first year Trisha is stepping back, supportively and will be attending. A new producer, Nicole Grant Kriege, has created what Makers Mart will be this year with Pellegrini.

This is also the first year for a few booth scholarships, Pellegrini said. Celisse Muller will return to take photos of attendees in a streetstyle, fashion-blog kind of way.

Makers Mart and Hacker Lab

“We wanted to give back to the smaller brands who want to be represented but can’t afford price of the booth,” Pellegrini explained.

“It’s kind of a whole experience. We have this element we love to share, showing the variety of attendees attracted to the market. Making has been trendy; when I started going to these markets in the bigger cities and feeling the buzz, I saw that this isn’t just grandma knitting a sweater - it’s beautifully thought out products and brands you could see at a mall or a retail store.

Makers Mart and Hacker Lab

“Wow this person is local, these are beautifully amazed things, can’t believe this is being made out of little Sacramento — we like to introduce Sacramento to these inspiring people.

Makers Mart is on Saturday, Dec. 7th from 11 – 5 p.m. at The Mill on Broadway. RSVP for their event on EventbriteFacebook or follow their Instagram.

Top two photos of flower maker Sadie Dunaway (courtesy of @sadiedunaway); others courtesy of @MakersMart and @celisse_muller.

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