Lin Fei Fei's new mural on the tools we use, and a call for six muralists Lin Fei Fei's new mural on the tools we use, and a call for six muralists

Alan Ware looks at his hands when inspiring groups of young coders and Hacker Lab's Pathways participants.

Giana Galati uses precision muscle motors in her hands to craft jewelry and welds. Josh Aguilar types with his fingers once used in the Intensive Care Unit, to make software for the future of care.

Wide Open Walls artist Lin Fei Fei is painting a mural inside Hacker Lab. She's featuring what brings every maker together - the tools we use.

"I decided to paint the hands because I felt that they really represented what Hacker Lab is all about. Each and every artist and creator in the lab uses their hands to create their work. The hands in my piece symbolize the most important, and overlooked, tool that we all use," Fei said.

Do you have a mural idea or know a muralist? Hacker Lab is seeking 6 muralists for mini works for year-long memberships and mural supplies. Contact Laura at [email protected] if interested. 

Lin Fei Fei's mural in Hacker Lab

The mural on Hacker Lab's new location's back wall displays two wrinkled hands with the half-imperfect face of Michelango's David.

"There are many art forms of David throughout history. My favorite one is from Michelangelo, a young master who created a masterpiece. The eternal emotion on his face shows the fear and confidence present on the eve of battle," Fei continued. "No matter how time changes or how technology develops, creative thinking and utilizing our hands will always be essential “tools” to create, build, and make things happen so that we may provide for our families."

"We too easily forget how things are made while, in the process, losing appreciation for all that we have."

Lin Fei Fei's mural in Hacker Lab

Hacker Lab moved into its new location at 26th and R in March. Sacramento creatives, manufacturers and artists have populated the space, from events supporting immigrant families to a Verizon show—and all the intricasies of making every day.

Laura Marie Anthony ran Second Saturday shows at the new space and reached out to Fei about the possibility of working together. Fei has worked in Sacramento for several years and comes from Northeastern China.

"I’m very in touch with my emotions and I feel that creating art is one of the purest forms of expression that humans have access to. I don’t think I was every truly drawn to art, because art has always been a part of who I am," Fei said. "I’ve had nothing but great experiences working and making art in Sacramento. The community has been very welcoming to me and I’ve me so many wonderful people and artists. I think this is a growing and prosperous art community and the best is yet to come!"

Lin Fei Fei's mural in Hacker Lab

Fei sees making, tech, art and entrepreneurship as all connected in the community required to do great things.

"Art is usually thought of as an individual experience. Artists paint or work on their own and then share their products with the world. I love the collaboration that comes along with much of the artwork we yield. Communities like Hacker Lab highlight the teamwork and partnership that is present within the art community."

Lin Fei Fei's mural in Hacker Lab

For the community of makers, we always try our best to create our own perfect vision of “David.” But the process of making imperfect products teaches us how to be better innovators.

To see the artist's own hands finish the "Hands" mural project, stop by Hacker Lab by the end of this month during daytime hours or see it as a member anytime. Have your own project you're interested in at Hacker Lab? Contact [email protected]

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