Teach At Hacker Lab!

Hacker Lab accepts proposals for classes and teachers on an ongoing basis.  Below is an overview of what we’re looking for and how to propose a class.


Are you an engaging person with an expertise in making, code, design, or business? We are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about sharing their unique skills and abilities with our community. If so, we want to hear from you!

What we're looking  for: We are specifically looking for individuals who are familiar with and can teach Standard and Project classes in two or more of the following areas:

  • 3d Digital Design - 3D printing; Laser Fabrication;
  • Laser Cutter - Rotary Engraving; Advanced Fabrication
  • Metal Fabrication Training; Bending Pipe, sheer, Break, Corner Notcher; Finishing; Sharpening Tools
  • Sand Blasting - Metals and Glass
  • Shopbot - Advanced Proges
  • Small Metal Fabrication - Hammer Solder File & Form
  • Woodshop project classes
  • Technology -  AI - Intro to Google Tensorflow; Spinning up web server / Getting Started with AWS; Microcontroller programming;
  • Web Technologies - HTML / CSS, Javascript, Node.js,
  • Microcontroller project classes
  • Business - Financial modeling for Startups; Design Thinking; Business Model Canvas; Startup Law, Growth Marketing,
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Design, Photography, Videography
  • Mixed Media Project Classes


Ideal teachers have the following skills:

  • Ability to facilitate memorable and inspiring experiences
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Reliability and professionalism
  • Outstanding skills to teach and demonstrate in approved subject areas
  • Ability to promote Hacker Lab special offers and self-promote their own classes


  • Represent Hacker Lab professionally
  • Assist in promoting classes
  • Start and end class on time
  • Record and submit class attendance
  • Require students to wear appropriate safety equipment
  • Teach class content, as approved including safety rules, policies and etiquette
  • Evaluate student performance (pass/fail)
  • Review student feedback and adapt teaching style for continual improvement
  • Promote Hacker Lab special offers at every class
  • Invoice on monthly basis
  • Report safety issues


Hacker Lab pays teachers on a Tier structure:

Standard level classes - This class tier is designed for introductory level content. They are typically less than 2 hours long and cover equipment safety and basic usage to allow the member equipment access. In addition to equipment training there introductory technology and business classes can be structured as “feeder” classes into the projects and bootcamp tiers. Standard level classes pay at a rate of $25 per hour of class time.

Project Classes & Bootcamps - Project classes and bootcamps allow for deeper dives into subject matter to incite new possibilities and walk through advanced processes. For maker classes they often will have materials associated with them. Many of our longer form programming and business bootcamps fall into this category as well. Any class over 3 hours and $99 will fall into this category.

Hacker Lab instructors get their first month's Hacker Lab membership for free, and continue to earn a free membership when teaching at least two classes per month, or over 6 hours.

Hacker Lab instructors work as 1099-contractors.

Are you interested in proposing a standard class, project class or bootcamp?

Please submit here: https://goo.gl/forms/jA1ZjQIWeQObepv73

Applications must be submitted in this manner in order to be considered.  Our curriculum comittee reviews applications on a monthly basis.

Questions? Ideas? Want to chat prior to submitting? Please email [email protected]